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Alexander & Wilks Hexagon Collection

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Welcome to the sophisticated world of the Alexander & Wilks Hexagon Collection. This expansive collection, launched in March 2024, features over 50 new products ranging from durable Door Hardware to elegant Cabinet Hardware. Each item is a celebration of refined taste, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics to furnish your home with a touch of luxury. The Hexagon Collection is designed to bring both functionality and style into your living space, making every piece a cornerstone of sophistication.

The Alexander & Wilks Hexagon Collection is meticulously crafted from the finest solid brass, ensuring each piece is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally durable. The collection offers a variety of items that promise to enhance the ambiance of any room—be it through the subtle elegance of Cabinet Hardware or the sturdy charm of Door Furniture. Each product is a testament to timeless beauty and is designed to complement the unique style of your home with a lasting impact.

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Our Hexagon Collection is available in an array of seven exquisite finishes: Black, Dark Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Italian Brass. These choices provide you the flexibility to select hardware that perfectly matches your décor, adding a harmonious and luxurious feel to every corner of your residence. Whether renovating or creating a new space, these finishes will elevate your environment and reflect your personal style.

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Explore the vast possibilities with the Alexander & Wilks Hexagon Collection. Should you need assistance or can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. Our commitment is to fulfil your hardware needs with a wide selection that ensures the perfect match for any project. Elevate your spaces with our prestigious collection and experience a new level of elegance. We are here to help, with satisfaction as our priority, ready to assist you in transforming your environment into a sophisticated and welcoming place.

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