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Pewter Collection

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Step into refinement with our Trade Door Handles Pewter Collection! Delve into a world of possibilities as you explore our meticulously crafted assortment of door handles, window furniture, and cabinet hardware, all featuring the coveted Pewter finish. Take a moment to peruse popular categories, including Pewter Door Handles on Backplates, Pewter Door Handles on Roses, Pewter Mortice & Rim Knobs, and more. Your journey to discovering exceptional design and functionality begins right here, with a scroll through our Pewter showcase.

Pewter Prestige: Unveiling Exceptional Door Handles and More

This is an image of a set of lever lock handles by Finesse in Pewter.  Available to order from Trade Door Handles in Kendal

Immerse yourself in the allure of our Pewter range, a finish that transcends trends and time. Widely embraced in traditional country homes and barn conversions, Pewter exudes a subtle sophistication that complements any interior style. As a contemporary alternative to Antique Black ironmongery, Pewter captivates with its versatility and enduring charm. Not only does it bring classic elegance to your spaces, but its robust nature ensures longevity. Choose Pewter for a harmonious blend of aesthetics and durability, creating an ambiance that resonates with timeless appeal.

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