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Welcome to Trade Door Handles, your trusted partner since 1976, providing an extensive range of top-notch Ironmongery and Hardware products. We take pride in presenting a diverse collection of Mortice Locks and Latches, carefully sourced from the UK's leading manufacturers.

Navigating through the Trade Door Handles website is a breeze, thanks to our intuitive search and filter system. It allows you to effortlessly refine your options by finish and price, ensuring a seamless experience in finding the ideal Mortice Locks and Latches to meet your security needs. With our offerings, you can embark on your home decor projects confidently, adding finesse to your spaces.

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Discover Our Range of Mortice Locks and Latches

Standard Mortice Key Locks

At Trade Door Handles, we offer a vast selection of Standard Key Mortice Locks from some of the UK's top manufacturers. Discover the perfect Mortice lock tailored to your requirements. Choose from a wide range of sash locks and deadlocks available in 2, 3, and 5 Lever options, designed to match your security needs. We also provide locks with various back sets and finishes, ranging from Satin Chrome to Matt Black.

Euro Profile Mortice Locks

Explore our extensive collection of Euro Profile Mortice Locks sourced from leading UK manufacturers. These locks accommodate Euro Profile Cylinders for easy key operation. Our Mortice Locks are available in deadlock or sash lock variants and many have been rigorously tested to meet Fire Safety and British Standards.

Oval Profile Mortice Locks

While Oval Profile Mortice Locks are becoming less popular in the UK, we still offer a selection from leading manufacturers. Oval Profile Locks feature an oval-shaped cylinder for key operation. Choose between deadlock or sash lock variants, many of which meet Fire Safety and British Standards.

Bathroom Locks and Deadbolts

Our collection includes a wide range of Bathroom Locks and Deadbolts from the UK's top suppliers. These locks are designed for internal use to provide privacy in rooms within a property, primarily in bathrooms. Bathroom locks do not require keys, making locking and unlocking hassle-free. We also offer Tubular Deadbolts with 5mm or 8mm follower options, commonly used for bathroom doors.

Mortice Latches

Discover our selection of Mortice Latches, including Tubular Mortice Latches, Upright Mortice Latches, and Flat Latches. The Tubular Mortice Latch is the most popular choice for internal doors where no locking mechanism is needed. It's easy to install, requiring minimal drilling and cutting on the door. Upright and Flat Latches are typically used as replacements for old, broken latches.

DIN Locks

Explore our range of DIN locks from leading suppliers, designed to European standards. These locks are ideal for use with Door Handles on Roses and escutcheons, creating a modern look with increased spacing between the lock and handle. They are also popular in commercial settings, especially Euro DIN locks that offer robust performance for high-traffic use. Choose from Latch, Euro Lock Profile, Bathroom, Night Latch, and Escape Lock versions.

Sliding Door Locks

Secure your sliding doors with our specialized Sliding Door Locks, suitable for patio doors or pocket doors. These locks are installed within a recess at the edge of the sliding door and engage with a strike plate mounted on the frame

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Our selection of Multi-Point Locking Systems is ideal for uPVC, composite, and wooden doors. These systems lock at multiple points along the frame, providing enhanced security. If you need to replace a broken system, reach out to us as we offer numerous designs suitable for both single and double doors.

At Trade Door Handles, we are committed to simplifying your shopping experience. Our user-friendly website allows you to effortlessly explore our extensive range of Mortice Locks and Latches, helping you narrow down your search with convenient filters for finish and price. Your home transformation journey starts here with Trade Door Handles, where we deliver beautiful, exceptional-quality products that stand the test of time. Browse our selection today, and experience the difference meticulous attention to detail can make. Your home deserves nothing but the best, and Trade Door Handles is here to deliver.

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