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Welcome to Trade Door Handles – Trusted by the trade since 1976. We are your premier online destination for a wide variety of exquisite Lighting products curated by the renowned brand From The Anvil.

From The Anvil offers a wide selection of Pendant Lighting, Cluster Lighting, and Wall Lights. Each Pendant in the unique lighting collection is hand-made to order, giving you the chance to create a bespoke product - tailored to you - contact us to find out more. As these products are made to order they cannot be returned and usually take 2-3 weeks after order.

This is an image showing From The Anvil - Smooth Copper Frankley Pendant in Upstream available from trade door handles, quick delivery and discounted prices

Navigating through the Trade Door Handles website, you'll find an intuitive search and filter system, enabling you to refine your choices by style, finish, and price effortlessly. This ensures a seamless experience in discovering the perfect From The Anvil Lighting products that align with your requirements, empowering you to embark on your home décor projects with confidence and finesse.

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Discover the From The Anvil Lighting Collections

Pendant Lighting

Our extensive selection features the complete range of Pendant Lighting options from the renowned From The Anvil brand, encompassing designs like Brindley, Flora, Frankley, Harborne, and Hockley, available in a diverse array of materials and finishes. From The Anvil masterfully crafts these luminous works of art using materials such as Brass, Copper, and Nickel, ensuring both elegance and durability. See the range

Cluster Pendant Lighting

We proudly present the full range of Cluster Pendant Lighting by From The Anvil, introduced to the range in 2023, featuring captivating designs like the Brindley and Flora collections, available in a diverse selection of materials and finishes including Brass, Copper, and Nickel. See the range

Wall Lighting

Discover our curated selection of Wall Lighting, meticulously sourced from From The Anvil that was introduced to the range in 2023, featuring captivating designs like the Brindley and Flora collections, available in a spectrum of materials and finishes. From The Anvil excels in crafting lighting masterpieces using premium materials like Brass, Copper, and Nickel. See the range

At Trade Door Handles, we are dedicated to simplifying your shopping experience, ensuring it's effortless and enjoyable. Our user-friendly website is designed to help you effortlessly explore our extensive range of Lighting products. You can easily narrow your search using convenient filters for finish and price, ensuring you discover the perfect items to match your budget and personal style.

Now is the moment to embark on your home transformation journey with Trade Door Handles. You can rely on us to provide you with beautiful, exceptional-quality products that stand the test of time. Take a moment to browse our selection today, and you'll quickly notice the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make. Your home deserves the best, and Trade Door Handles is here to deliver.

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