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Since 1976, Trade Door Handles has been the trusted choice of professionals, providing access to the comprehensive Stonebridge Hardware and Ironmongery Collection. Stonebridge, a name synonymous with excellence, offers a diverse range of door hardware, window furniture, and kitchen and cupboard handles, each boasting unique and elegant designs.

Crafted from forged steel and treated with the exclusive ARMOR COAT process, Stonebridge products exemplify durability and corrosion resistance. Marrying traditional hand craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, these door handles and hardware pieces are a testament to both time-honoured skills and innovation.

What's more, all Stonebridge products are compatible with Accoya® wood, ensuring versatility and adaptability in your projects.

Image showing Stonebridge FB1084 Door Knocker smooth matt black.  Available to order from Trade Door Handles, Kendal

Navigating through our Trade Door Handles website is a breeze, thanks to our intuitive search and filter system. Here, you can seamlessly narrow down your choices by style, finish, and price. This user-friendly approach empowers you to pinpoint the ideal Stonebridge Hardware and Ironmongery products that align with your needs.

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Discover The Stonebridge Collection

Stonebridge - Door Handles

Choose from a vast collection of Door Handles on backplates and roses, offering various designs. Whether you require a Latch, Standard Key Lock, Euro Profile, Multi-Point Locking Handles, or Bathroom Locks, Stonebridge has you covered. Additionally, a range of Pull Handles and thumb latches are available, all finished in the Armor Coat Flat Black or Forged Steel. See the range

Stonebridge - Door Furniture Accessories

Complement your door furniture range with a complete selection of door furniture accessories from Stonebridge in various styles. From bathroom turns and finger plates for internal doors to door knockers and escutcheons for external doors, you'll find it all in the Armor Coat Flat Black or Forged Steel finishes. See the range

Stonebridge - Kitchen and Cabinet Hardware

Enhance your Kitchen and Cabinets with a small range of cabinet knobs available in various styles and sizes, all finished in the Armor Coat Flat Black or Forged Steel to perfectly match the range. See the range

Stonebridge - Window Furniture

Complete your window with the Stonebridge range of casement stays, fasteners, and espagnolette window fasteners, all available in the Armor Coat Flat Black or Forged Steel finishes. See the range

At Trade Door Handles, our commitment is to simplify your shopping experience, ensuring it's effortless and enjoyable. Our website's user-friendliness assists you in navigating our extensive range of Stonebridge Hardware and Ironmongery products. Use our convenient filters for finish and price to find the perfect items that fit your budget and personal style.

The time to embark on your home transformation journey is now. Count on Trade Door Handles to deliver beautiful, exceptional-quality products that stand the test of time. Explore our selection today, and discover the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make. Your home deserves the best, and Trade Door Handles is here to deliver it.

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